Changes between maemo 4.0.1 and maemo 4.1

Maemo 4.1 incorporates a few changes when compared to maemo 4.0.1.

Email Interface library:

osso-email-interface -> libmodest-dbus-client

Though the maemo4.1 repository contains the old library, it is recommended to use the new one.

Internel connectivity library:

osso-ic-dev -> icd2-osso-ic-dev

SSL shared library:

libssl0.9.7 -> libssl0.9.8

Kernel packages:

rx-34-kernel-* -> kernel-diablo-*


For detailed comparison between maemo 4.0.1 and maemo 4.1 repositories, refer the content comparison table. Please note that in maemo 4.1, the repository structure has changed. It is now divided into separate 'sdk' and 'tools' repository. Tools that are usefull in testing, debugging and installable on the device are moved to 'tools' repository.