xterm Re: further beating on OS2008 beta

xterm Re: further beating on OS2008 beta

daniel german
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2007-12-03 23:06 UTC
Hi James,

You forgot to mention that there isn't a termcap install by default!

I agree with you. THe xterm is not very usable in its current
state. Try using emacs with that <Ctrl> window.

I have downloaded the old xterm (version 0.14) and recompiled it for
OS 2008 (I had to change some of the application names so it would not
collide with osso-xterm). It works, except that the <modifiers>
shortcuts just don't work (I have to check why).

But, when used with an external keyboard, it gives you a nice full
frame xterm that does not give any annoying messages when you press
some Ctrl keys. And it brings tabs back.

Sometime ago I was trying to find the xterm maintainer. Apparently
nobody is fully in charge of it. This is probably the reason it sucks
so badly. I suspect the person in charge (and please, if you, the
current maintainer reads this, it is not an attack on your skills as a
developer, or on your good will trying to improve xtemr) does not use
the xterm for anything other than executing shell commands

I have some patches that allow to send <Ctrl> special characters (such
as Ctrl-_) to the xterm (under OS 2007). I never got confirmation that
were committed. (they were badly needed to run emacs inside an xterm).

The repository where I got it from is :


but it has not been changed since Sept of this year. The OS 2008 xterm
is not being hosted there (unless it is a branch).

Perhaps we need to start a project to create an maemo-xterm that is
intended to be used for more than just shell commands.


James> All,
So far a large part of my problems are sitting around apps that
James> aren't yet ported to 2008. unzip, radio, mplayer, nmap, omweather
James> are a few that are in the repository but don't install. For now
James> there are some things I don't understand. I'm not trying to step on
James> toes. I just don't understand.

James> 1. Why did Nokia decide to change the industry defacto standard term
James> plugin and change it to component? tools > components shows you the
James> browser plugins.

James> 2. Why oh Why did someone take something as useful as xterm and
James> improve to the point of being almost unusable? I can't file bugs, as
James> it is apparently doing what it is supposed to. However, what it
James> does really drives me nuts. Maybe it's just me.

Why did they remove the useful tabs and replace it with multiple
James> windows? Given that there is no WM in the traditional sense you
James> can't resize and move between them easily. Tabs afforded the ability
James> to quickly manage multiple term windows (my record on the IT is 10
James> tabs.) Windows bring this to a grinding halt.

James> Why did they move the "button" bar to the bottom. Down there is
James> steals valuable screen real-estate from you.

James> Why is it that they split the adjust background color and font color
James> into two different locations in the settings gui?

James> Why did they increase the steps to use the ctrl key in the button bar?
James> Before to do cntrl-c it was 2 clicks one on cntrl one on c ... now
James> it's 5. cntrl - text box - c - ok - screen during this time the
James> keyboard closes 2 or 3 times. This can make vi a real PITA too.

James> Perhaps I'm just using the IT differently from most, I don't view it
James> as sterility a muti-media toy. To me it's my #1 tool for doing my
James> job, so perhaps I'm a bit sensitive. Sorry if I sound ranty I don't
James> mean to be but I am wondering why so may drastic changes were made to
James> a really good app.

James> James

Daniel M. German
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .
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