Wet N9000

Wet N9000

Piotr Jawidzyk
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2012-09-16 15:00 UTC
First of all, I think that maemo-community would be more proper list
to ask such question. Also, it was discussed dozens of times on
talk.maemo.org (and is easily searchable)

As for http://discussions.nokia.com/t5/Pool-of-Knowledge/Dropped-your-phone-in-water-Here-s-what-to-do-next/td-p/380349,
it is useful, but not entirely right. You might want to use silica
gel, as it's *much* better than rice (it's good idea to have some of
it stocked up, just in case - it isn't very expensive. It can be
bought in any serious camera shop, and through e-bay-like sites).

Also, instead of using towel on *assembled* device, You should - just
after removing battery - disassemble whole device, as "deep" as it's
possible and appropriate for situation (it's different case, when You
just make it dry a little, or dropped it into bath full of water).
Only then, you should attempt to remove moisture ASAP and by any sane
means - towel, silica gel in airtight container/bag, or even hair
dryer with *sane* temperature - the last is worse option, as
temperature + huge airflow accelerate oxidization, but is still
necessary, if You lack silica gel.

Bag of rice is good short-term solution afterward, if You need few
hours, before You buy silica gel. Hoever, rice leave much "rice dust",
that is quite hard to clean afterwards. also, it won't remove most
"sneaky" humidity (like in screen parts) - only silica gel in airtight
container can help here.

Following disassembly + airtight bag with silica gel is a way to save
99% of devices after accident - to the point, that even reta... erm,
*lovely* Nokia "oxymoron" Care won't deny USB port breakage due to

Of course, all of this is applicable only, if You know it *before*
accident. Now, after hours/days, You're kinda "screwed" - most of
damage is already done, probably. All you can do is disassemble it
completely (including screen parts), put for a day in airtight
container with silica gel, and pray. Maybe, just maybe, it will work
afterwards. Or not - You just need to try it.

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