Board Elections and Council Nominations

Board Elections and Council Nominations

Community Council: Craig Woodward

2012-10-12 17:12 UTC
For those who haven't been following along with [the discussion][1]:

* Board elections have started, and will close on October 18th.
* Council nominations have re-opened and been extended until October 28th.

The [election thread][2] has all the details, including the new time tables.  Thanks again to MisterC for creating the [candidate declaration wiki page][3], and to Andrew for helping with clarifications and nomination validation on the [community mailing list][4].

If you have not yet received your token for voting, please check your spam filters and/or validate you are elegable and have a current e-mail address in your account.



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Bylaws revision 6 is out

Craig Woodward

2012-10-16 23:40 UTC
The latest revisions to the bylaws is out. This may be the last revision before it's voted on by the Board when it forms shortly after the election. Please review them and comment quickly if you have additional input!

I don't care if you comment on TMO or the mailing list, just get your comments in!


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