Video recording with sensor pixel based zoom

Posted on 2010-10-06 22:11 UTC by Tiago Estill de Noronha. Status: Waiting, Categories: Education & Science, Media, Utilities.

I would like a program to record videos with the main camera (preferably at least as good as the default one), but with zoom functionality that instead of blowing up zoomed out pixels, zooms in into the sensor pixels, cropping out pixels outside and keeping the pixel size of the image constant (the sensor has 5MP resolution, if you're recording a 800x480 video you can either discard every Nth pixel (or average groups of N pixels) and get a full frame, or get the full resolution rectangle measuring 800x480 pixels that is in the center of the sensor discarding the surrounding pixels, or a mix of the two approaches for intermediary zoom)

It really annoys me when i see on TV amateur video where people use digital zoom (blowing up the size of the pixels, lowering the effective resolution) trying to get a better image and ending up only making things wors

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