UX/UI Optimization to Music Player Playlist Creation and Use

Posted on 2009-11-24 19:28 UTC by Antoine RJ Wright. Status: Waiting, Categories: Media.

This idea for a refinement to how playlists are made via the Maemo 5 Media Player application are based on some early feedback in the Talk.Maemo forums towards users' difficulities in creating playlists. My proposal is to simplify this by looking more at the process of creating a playlist and designing the UI from there.

Conventional Method

  • go to music player
  • tap on music library icon
  • tap on artist/album/song (the appearance and order of these should be a preference setting customizable for the user)
  • see song, notice (+) sign at the right side of the song list
  • tap (+) sign to add song to current playlist, or be prompted to create a new playlist if you've not saved one
  • item starts playing with visual indicator in the top right of the page while user is still within the playlist area to select new songs

Real-Time Search Method

  • go to Music Player
  • slide out keyboard or access on-screen search box for virtual keyboard to begin typing the name of an artist, song, or playlist. Items being showing in a list format
  • upon seeing the desired song or artist, click on the (+) to add to playlist or just tap on the song name to play
  • if a playlist is selected, there would be no (+) button, only the option to start listening to music.

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