Unified communications

Posted on 2010-05-26 21:54 UTC by Jamie Thompson. Status: Waiting, Categories: User Experience.

Maemo seems to be going for a fully-unified communications concept, and this is great, but the closer it gets to this goal, the more the remaining omissions stand out.

  • Emails should be merged with conversations, as emails are conceptually very similar to SMS messages. The solution(s) should be able to link emails to the contacts with that email address assigned to them.
  • Call logs should be displayed in this view as well, and...
  • ...and all calls should be recordable, both the traditional audio-only variety as well as video calls.
  • ...and finally, as brainstormed elsewhere, SMS message should be syncable to external (IMAP?) folders, and MMS messages should be both included in this unified display and syncable as per SMS.

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