secure bags with bluetooth handsfree!

Posted on 2010-06-30 11:22 UTC by nas nahhh. Status: Waiting, Categories: Utilities, Devices, Accessories, Open sourcing.


Often I travel by ship / train long for many hours. Often I sleep. Every time I am afraid of my bag, someone could steal it as I sleep.


It would be awsome if I could put my bluetooth handsfree in my bag and have my n900 in my pocket. n900 could run an application that checks every 2 - 3 seconds BlueTooth signal strength ( maybe could be configurable range ) and if the strength gets low or none, then n900 will alarm loudly / vibrate.

I hope my idea was clean. And since I don't know much about programming ( only php :( ) I hope someone will find intresting my idea and make it!

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