Photo to Contacts

Posted on 2009-10-19 17:51 UTC by mike choy. Status: Under consideration

If you want to add a photo to your contacts, you have to search through your image collection to add the contact. The integration with the built in camera is not there.

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Solution #1: Add Send to Contacts option in the Camera App

Posted on 2009-10-19 20:24 UTC by mike choy.

In the N900 once you take a photo you can share it with a Gazillion places. How about just being able to add to the contacts in the phone itself. If the contact does not exist, then it just allows you to create a new contact.

Solution #2: Add "Take Photo" button the the Contacts application

Posted on 2010-01-28 00:09 UTC by Philipp Hug.

When you edit a contact and click on the photo the "Select Image" popup apears.

A new button could be added above the "Browse" button in this screen.

This would be very simple to use.

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