Option for Full or Limited character support in SMS (N900)

Posted on 2009-12-31 11:09 UTC by Konstantinos Pavlou. Status: Under consideration

It would be very useful to put an option for Full or Limited character support in SMS messages, in N900. Limited support option will allow Greek typing to be virtually transformed in capitals and sent as messages of 160 charactes and not 70.

Please note that to type in Greek, you must use the virtual keyboard and set the Greek language in it from the Settings.


This problem existed in previous Nokia devices, until Nokia activated the option of "Limited character support". For example, in a previous phone such as N97, you could select Limited of Full in character support, in messaging settings. When you select Limited the device virtually transforms Greek to uppercase characters and every message contains 160 characters.


It has to do with the GSM 7bit encoding. If you add a special character, the encoding becomes GSM 16bit.


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Solution #1: Apply a previously used technique

Posted on 2009-12-31 11:16 UTC by Konstantinos Pavlou.

A solution could be to add the previously used technique by Nokia in all its previous devices. And just allow users to choose from the settings about which character support they prefer.

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