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Maemo Animation App

Posted on 2011-04-06 04:19 UTC by Vincent Tilghman. Status: Waiting, Categories: Media.

  I just got my n900 and i am loving it so far and am really surprised with the online community and support it receives. One thing I think would be a great idea is the development of a frame by frame animation application. like a flipbook. The Iphone and Android phones have some. So i thought its only fair that Nokia n900 owners, being the creative bunch that they are, get in on the action as well.  

I thought the pinpoint accuracy of the stylus would be put to good use in this situation. With just A pencil and an eraser and an option to jump to the next frame when your done with a light onion skin over the last frame to see where you left off.

 There is a Linux application called Pencil that I've downloaded on my PC and played around with.. It works great and well just like any animation software should. I thought something like that would be amazing on our little dream devices. 

 Thanks for listening.

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