Posted on 2009-12-16 07:15 UTC by Michael Sander. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.

Maemo 5 media player enhancements:


1) Sleep timer implementation: Turn off the media player after a set time of x minutes

2) Gapless playback implementation: Allow the uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks without intervening silence or clicks at the point of the track change

I'm not a developer, so I have no clue how to actually do this.

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Solution #1: Sleep timer enhanced

Posted on 2009-12-16 23:06 UTC by Ndi Ndi.

I think it would be more useful to have a more general sleep solution, for example, a toggle checkbox pop-up window on sleep that allows user to set sleep:

  • on top (radio buttons, 30, 60, 90 mins) and
  • the checkboxes present user with several choices for sleep:


- Stop media player

- Disconnect WLAN (for internet radio)

- Close all applications


By "close all" i mean the equivalent of entering the exposee/alt-tab thing and clicking the "x" on all open windows - leaving widgets and stuff alone. This will allow to save battery for left-open browser sessions, animation, mood lighting, etc. Also it leaves it open for closing unknown players, like third-party. I'd also imagine that closing any mood-light/torch app would also time out the screen and lock the touch after timeout.


Setting a third-party app to mood-light and leaving radio on would be nice, combined with sleep.


Oh, maybe fade volume on sleep? This could first fade volume to zero, then implement shutdown, then restore volume to original (now that all is off) and sleep.

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