location based unequal hours (clock for Religion, Astronomy, Astrology etc)

Posted on 2009-06-17 15:24 UTC by Z P. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Accessories.

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It would be nice if you could add the ability to know current unequal hour - (a.k.a. temporal, seasonal, planetary hour: to the clock (maybe as separate widget since one doesn't need it all the time) and to the alarm, so that one could set the alarm on certain unequal hour or certain amount of (normal) time before certain unequal time. It is useful for many areas: Aviation, Religion, Astronomy, Meditation, Astrology, etc.. What I personally need it for is the ability to set the alarm 20min before the sunrise(00:00) or sunset(12:00) in order not to miss this wonderful moments once I'm on hiking in the mountains or on holidays on sea. It is important to take the altitude into account while calculating local sunrise/sunset time, in order to have proper/exact functionality.

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Solution #1: simple solution

Posted on 2009-06-22 05:29 UTC by Z P.

1) compute difference between sunrise and sunset times (based on location and alltitued) for required date (default today)

2)  divide it into 12 and you get duration of an unequal hour for that date

3) display the unequal time (sunrise 00:00, sunset 12:00)

in order to set an alarm on certain unequal hour of certain date - just convert it to normal time for that date and set alarm on this time/date.

maybe some code from applications mentioned above could be used for it...


Solution #2: Create an app/widget in its own using the Alarm and Calendar APIs

Posted on 2009-09-25 20:16 UTC by Quim Gil.

Instead of asking Nokia to extend the official clock fur such a specialized, a home widget or standalone application could be created based on e,g. the Alarm and Calendar APIs. I'm not a developer but it looks like creating something actually well integrated to the platform is feasible.


Solution #3: relevant open-source projects

Posted on 2009-09-26 18:16 UTC by Z P.

(sorry, I didn't figured out how to edit the problem description...)

some code from following relevant open-source projects could be used:

Remind ( supports
sunrise/sunset, earth season, phase of the moon etc events. The licence is
GPLv2 so some of the code could be reused for something like this.

Orrery ( ( I talked to the author of this application,
he said he would implement sunrise/sunset calculation that will take altitude into account soon)

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