Location aware FM transmitter power setting control panel

Posted on 2010-08-11 00:42 UTC by Tiago Estill de Noronha. Status: Waiting, Categories: Internet & Networking, Location & Navigation, System, Devices, Other.

It would have a slider for the wattage, a checkbox for checking GPS for location and getting the maximum wataage permited by local legislation, a number box for how often check the location, a checkbox for always using the maximum power allowed for the region, a map location picker that is avaiable when not using GPS for choosing location (if you pickt he middle of the ocean where no legislation about maximum power allowed is present, you can use the transmitter up to the maximum power the hardware canhandle)



Perhaps also include a database of airports so if your location is too close to an airport the maximum transmision power is reduced to comply. Also perhaps an option check for altitude and if far enough from the ground to not be on an airplane cut down the maximum allowed to whatever is the safe limit for use on airplanes (even if it's zerio, no transmission power at all)


Also it would be nice to have a button to download an updated database of power restricitons per regions (and the airport database too)

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