Improves to Events/Task/Notes menu

Posted on 2010-02-09 23:07 UTC by Diego Helmann. Status: Under consideration

I think that the Event menus is too much overrated. It has a big [+ New event] button and [New Event] in the menu, wich is redundant, and it does not exist in Task nor Notes.

I use Task as much as Events, but I have more click to get to Task than for events.


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Solution #1: Standarize

Posted on 2010-02-09 23:07 UTC by Diego Helmann.

Remove the menu <New event> entry, or put it on the 3 options (events, tasks and notes)

In the bottom of the screen there could be a list of 3 buttons with a fast/easy access to Events, Task and Notes. Events could be already opened or if it setten, the last viewed option already opened.

As it is now, there is need a click on calendar, a click on the day, a click on menu, a click on task and then you get to see your tasks. It is 4 clicks.

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