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Enhancing the Music player experience

Posted on 2010-01-18 11:01 UTC by William Freeman. Status: Under consideration

I used My N900 as my main music player; indeed 22gigs of my memory is dedicated to Music.

Prior to this I had an iPod touch and two of the simplest yet great feature that I loved on the device was 1) the ability to change volume without having to wake the player and 2) The ability to change tracks on the standby screen without going into the player.

Currently the N900 has neither of those and I think there is already a brainstorm idea for the 1st feature I mentioned above.

Here is my idea of how the 2nd feature could be implemented on the phone.

Currently when the phone screen is off and the power button is pressed, you get the time, date and the “Wipe to Unlock” bar.

Also if you are listening to a track and the phone is in your pocket with the screen off. When a track comes on that you don’t like you have to either use the slider to switch on the screen or use the Power button then “Wipe to Unlock”.

Although this is no big deal, if you have to do this a number of times during the day it does get very annoying.

How about this:
1) If you are listening to a track and a song comes on that you don’t like.
2) Pressing the power button to reveal the “Wipe to Unlock” bar.
3) Behind it filling the screen will be the Album Art are of the track you are listening to.
4) Below it will be the music controls
5) All in portrait mode for effective 1-hand use.

Now you don’t have to go into the home screen to change tracks with the widgets

Did my best to show in the pic.

Solutions for this brainstorm


Solution #1: No ideas on solution yet.

Posted on 2010-01-18 11:01 UTC by William Freeman.

I just started playing around and learning how to develop for Maemo after 3 months of learning how to make simple training apps for the iPhone so I don’t now Maemo deep enough to suggest a good solution.


So for now, I think I will just leave it up to the clever peeps of the Maemo community

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