"Day picker" could be replaced by a true "Date picker" (Calendar view) in Maemo 5

Posted on 2009-12-29 17:02 UTC by Luis Soeiro. Status: Under consideration

Whenever the user needs to pick a date the system (Maemo 5) presents three vertically scrollable lists: DAY, MONTH and YEAR. There is no hint of the day of the week. It looks very unintuitive and very unpolished. It looks like a programming placeholder for a real date picker that wasn't finished on time for launch.

How to view the "day picker":

1. General Menu -> Calendar -> Menu -> Jump to
2. All other actions that start up the system "Day picker"

A date picker that looks like a Calendar should be presented. This "calendar view" is the standard date picker
that is shown in all platforms, including the Web (JavaScript and Java). The Calendar view wouldn't have to be
large, but would provide means of picking any date or changing month and year.


The standard "Calendar view" is the preferred method of choosing dates in all platforms for a reason: usability. It is much more user friendly to use a calendar view because (not an exhaustive list, but a few points):

a) It is a standard
b) It relates to real world concepts of Calendars and dates
c) The user needs just one tap most of the time (when the chosen date is in the currently selected month)
d) The user can readily see what day of the month the chosen date will be. Moreover, it opens up the possibility of showing additional information such as
holidays or the presence of other appointments is the same familiar view.

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Solution #1: (re) Design a date picker component

Posted on 2009-12-29 17:03 UTC by Luis Soeiro.

A system date picker component could be designed from scratch. Actually, it could be implemented as a system liob to be used by any application. A QT wrapper could be developed around it, to be presented as a QT date picker.

In later versions of Maemo, the system component could be replaced by a new QT component that implements the same interface.

(at least that's the general idea)


Solution #2: See also "Intelligent Date Picker" brainstorm

Posted on 2010-03-12 01:30 UTC by Brad Grigor.

The "Album Art" solution is proposed in the "Intelligent Date Picker" brainstorm. There is also additional discussion regarding the problems of the "rolodex" paradigm vs. other paradigms.

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