Control music playback with the camera key

Posted on 2010-01-11 16:41 UTC by Pierre Abadie. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media.

This is a brainstorm to control the music playback with the camera key of the n900

Solutions for this brainstorm


Solution #1: Use half and full press of the button

Posted on 2010-01-11 16:42 UTC by Pierre Abadie.

- half press button: play/pause

- full press button: next


Solution #2: Use camera and volume keys

Posted on 2010-01-11 16:47 UTC by Pierre Abadie.

- half or full press of camera button: play/pause

- long press volume up: next

- long press volume down: previous


Solution #3: Use volume keys and presence of headphones

Posted on 2010-01-13 03:29 UTC by Ian Cullinan.

While media player is open:

  • Short press on volume up/down -> changes volume
  • Long press on volume up/down -> next/prev track
  • Headphones unplugged -> pause
  • Headphones re-connected -> play


All of this should work regardless of whether the phone is locked.


Edit: This is essentially how my old Sony Ericsson phone (k800) worked. I never had any problems with accidental volume changes; the k800 had fairly stiff volume keys and the N900's are pretty stiff too. They're certainly not going to get accidentally pressed in your pocket. Even if you do suffer from the occasional accidental press, changing the volume by one notch isn't exactly catastrophic - you probably wouldn't even notice.


Solution #4: Music controls on screen when de device is locked

Posted on 2010-01-14 17:57 UTC by Pelau Vadim.

Not as bad as it sounds!

When pressing the power button, besides slide to unlock, play/pause, bk/fwd and a progress bar, should appear, quickly allowing you to scroll through the track. Even a tiny playlist could be implemented

However the shown options/details should be ultimately considered by the developers that approach this solution, to not excessively burden the screen area.

Here is the thread discussing this solution:


There is another brainstorm for "an enhanced lock screen" here:


Solution #5: Use all keys and detect headphones

Posted on 2010-01-20 10:17 UTC by Patrick Moslley.

I like the solution #3 its a good solution my only qualm is I think having any "short press" activation triggers for a function makes it too easy for an accidental activation of that function just by having it move about in your pocket or bag.

For that reason I think we should have all activations be done by press & hold on the buttons to reduce that risk or atleast add that option to the configuration of the application that adds these new functions.


I feel its best to then just use the other buttons solution  #3 is not using and have it configured to work like this:


Press & Hold Volume up key will raise the volume

Press & Hold Volume Down key will lower the volume

Press & Hold the Camera key half way down to go to the previous track.

Press & Hold the Camera key all the way down to go to next track.

Unplug headhones = Pause

Plug in headphones = Play


Solution #6: When the device is locked use camera button wih volume keys to change volume

Posted on 2010-01-24 14:51 UTC by Antti Pajula.

When the device is locked use the camera button with volume keys to change volume.

Press the camera key down and adjust volume with the volume key while keeping the camera key pressed (both half and full press).

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