CalDAV calendar sync support for Maemo

Posted on 2009-12-08 07:36 UTC by Petri Lipponen. Status: Waiting, Categories: Internet & Networking.

This was first filed to (6413), but it was deemed too big to be therewith comment that brainstorm is the correct place. I'm taking the initiative to copy it here:


Similar to Bug #6374, support for synchronizing and/or remote access to online
calendars through the standardized Caldav protocol would be a simple, extremely
useful feature.

Here are other people requesting the same feature:


Comment #1 from Andre Klapper (   2009-11-30 15:18:48 GMT+3 [reply]
Please feel free to vote for this report...

Comment #2 from Artturi 2009-12-06 02:06:03 GMT+3 [reply]
Between all smartphone platforms, only iphone has this feature by now. This
would make a significant difference for many users, by reading the comments on
android's feature request page for caldav.

Comment #3 from Quim Gil (Nokia)   2009-12-07 10:54:12 GMT+3 [reply]
The scope of are bugs and only very specific and no-brainer
enhancement requests. This report contains a feature request that is too
generic for Please post this problem and propose your
solution in Maemo Brainstorm instead:

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