Add interaction to Notifications

Posted on 2010-06-17 05:55 UTC by Jeff Mc. Status: Waiting, Categories: User Experience.

Add the ability for user interaction with Notifications.  Currently when a notification is displayed, you can only click on it, which generally takes you to the related application or you can dismiss it.  I propose that we extend the ability of notifications so that depending on the application that generated it, you can perform a related action from the notification.  This can save the user time from not having to open the application depending on the action performed in the notification.  For example, a user gets a notification that an email has arrived.  The email  notification would display clickable universally recognized icons that represent the actions the user can take; delete the email, reply to the email, or mark as read.  Similarily, a phone call notification could give you the ability to call the caller, view the contact details. This can be extended to other applications that wish to have notifications.

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