(re)Add Camera support to Flash plug-in.

Posted on 2010-01-11 17:55 UTC by tom chiverton. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Internet & Networking.

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Camera support in Flash was intentionally disabled. it was actually technically working at one point (accidentally). among other things, [Nokia are] afraid of pages managing to get users to accidentally enable the camera and the privacy concerns that entails."

Forum thread:

Although I can understand 'afraid of pages managing to get users to
accidentally enable the camera', it's difficult to do this accidentally (each
domain generates an in-Flash prompt on each access) and it's not an issue in
other operating systems (i.e. desktop Linux, Mac, Windows) even where those do
not have hardware 'camera in use' lights.

If the N900 is advertised as 'full Flash 9', and it has a camera (or two), it
just seems odd that neither work in the Player.

I understand it may require work from Adobe as well as Nokia, but if it's more
a case of turning it back on than actually writing it, why can't this be done ?

If it doesn't support the devices camera, I think refering to it as 'full
Flash' of either v9 or v10.1 is a bit disingenuous.

You wouldn't expect with (say) a laptop computer that came with a built in
camera to be unable to use that in Flash...

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Solution #1: Nokia continue the work they've done with Adobe so far, and re-enable the feature.

Posted on 2010-01-11 18:11 UTC by tom chiverton.


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