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Remember the milk

Posted on 2011-04-01 07:27 UTC by pierre edelman. Status: Waiting, Categories: Office, Utilities.

Hello Community,

How about a Remember the milk client for our N900 ?

It is a great productivity app to list and manage tasks.

As I see it, it would feature a widget with the main tasks diplayed per priority, name or due date (regular parameters on RTM).

Sync would be possible online. Actually one can subscribe through Google ID + Pwd (and I already use Google's agenda and contacts and Gmail as quite some people do; but it's a pain to sync).

What do you think?


PS : I Am no developper though and I cannot start or help as far as coding. If anything, I can translate from English to French.


Play audio on call

Posted on 2012-06-13 07:28 UTC by Poomalairaj Ramasubramaniam. Status: Waiting, Categories: Utilities.

The feature I desire very much was the ability to play an audio file while I am on call with my friend.

The usecase is automatic voice responder. When someone call me, the app should pick the call and plays some audio files based on the rules preset. Using this app I can tell the callers that "I am busy now" or "call me later" or "number not available (this is for telecallers promotion calls)"


This will be cool. It seems recaller app does the same in the other way. It records all the system audio. I think it may also be possible to play audio to the voice call.