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Posted on 2010-02-05 12:35 UTC by Jozeph Brasil. Status: Waiting, Categories: Desktop.

I can't find the 'feature request' category, so I'm openning here.

Sorry if this feature already present. But I will love to see something like
'choose profiles'.

Example, during day period, I would like to setup my N900 for business. Where
my profile is completely configured for company. Gtalk, MSN, Email, etc. etc.
etc. and in night, I would like to use it as me (person), with my personal MSN,
Gtalk, Email, etc.

This feature can be an excellent feature to be added if it is not already
present. And if this is possible, just tell me how to do it and sorry for open
this... :D

Desktop Viewer

Posted on 2010-02-02 22:04 UTC by Gene Venable. Status: Waiting, Categories: Desktop.

Some people are creating beautiful desktops for the N900 -- unfortunately, their beauty is often obscured by widgets, shortcuts etc.


I would like to be able to pan thru those desktops without seeing any of the other things.


I could do that by unchecking all of the view checkboxes, which destroys all markings on the desktop. But I want to get the original desktop back immediately.

I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to make an app that allows looking at the naked desktop, then restores the original. Perhaps a toggle.


Allow user editable 48 x 48 icons to be used by bookmarks saved to the desktop

Posted on 2010-01-17 22:04 UTC by Steven Yeager. Status: Waiting, Categories: Desktop.

As we find more and more useful websites viewed from our N900's, desktop real estate is at a premium and the desktop can become quickly covered by large webpage thumbnails. Devise a means with which to assign smaller standard desktop icons to these bookmarks so that the larger thumbnail does not have to be used. Allow storage of these icons in a user accessible directory in /home/user/MyDocs


Call Rejector- Developers Needed

Posted on 2010-01-11 23:01 UTC by Robert Hall. Status: Waiting, Categories: Desktop, Utilities, System, Programming.

Call Rejector
a simple call rejector application which rejects calls listed by the user.
1. allow list - when active only calls from the listed numbers will be allowed.
2. reject list - all calls are allowed EXCEPT the ones listed in "reject list"
3. auto reject unknown numbers - numbers not stored in the users contacts are auto rejected. (option to turn this feature off)
4. private numbers - private numbers are auto rejected (option to turn this feature off)

the application will be similar/a replica of HandyBlacklist for the S60 platform.

Future Improvements - SMS/MMS rejection following the same examples/options as above.


Im not a developer but would be keen on going through the process to help with develpment.