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Another way to lock/unlock the device

Posted on 2009-09-14 00:59 UTC by Felipe Zimmerle. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Utilities, User Experience.

Since people are increasingly using their mobile devices as personal computers, using email, storing corporate and confidential data, the security of these information became a high priority requirement.  

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Camera cover app activation choice

Posted on 2009-12-07 12:16 UTC by Simon Pickering. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Media, User Experience.

Currently the Camera application is automatically started when the camera cover is slid open, users may want their own choice of camera handling application to open instead.


Routing visitors to useful resources

Posted on 2009-10-14 14:23 UTC by Randall Arnold. Status: Under consideration, Categories: User Experience,

A recurring theme in Talk that won't go away is quickly getting visitors, particularly newcomers, to resources they require.  Too often the questions are misplaced and interrupt the regular flow.  This is especially frustrating when the same questions recur at high frequency.

I believe we need to look at not only the conventional ideas but also the unconventional.

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Spinning Zoom as universal Maemo gesture

Posted on 2009-12-09 21:42 UTC by Sergey Vlasov. Status: Under consideration, Categories: Utilities, User Experience, System, Programming.

Would be great to use the same gesture in maps app, image viewer, where it is feasible. Developpers shouln't be bothered to implement it, this gesture should be transparent for applications.



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conversation integration with calendar

Posted on 2009-09-21 22:04 UTC by thomas p. Status: Under consideration, Categories: User Experience.

The calendar could be much improved. one crucial point of the calendar is that 'right now' it tells me what should i do, and what's going to happen next. it gives me the relevant information at the right time, but this is often just basic information about who, when and where. how could the calendar be developed to even better give you the relevant information at the right time

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