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Dariusz Wiechecki


City database and cityinfo library are:
Copyright (C) 2008 Nokia. All rights reserved.


Cityinfo library allows to get some informations about set of cities from all over the world. Each city is connected with one timezone (related to standard linux time zone database) so You can get local time in given city by calling functions from libtime (clockd) library.


You can get informations such as:

All informations You get from library are already localized according to currently set language on the system (city and country names).

ASCII art diagram of database record/fields:

raw data:

example of raw data from file:

logic view:
|id |city |country code |country name |linux timezone |latitiude |longtidute |X postion on the map* |Y postion on the map* |locale used in country |

*) positions on the map are in relative coordinates (0.0 - most left/top to 1.0 most right/bottom) and are synchronized with Clock's world map image.


All source code is stored in subversion repository fmca, subdirectory Clock, component cityinfo.

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