Part I. Hildon Overview

Hildon Widgets is a set of widgets present in the Hildon framework. Its aim is to create finger-friendly graphical interfaces specially designed for use in mobile devices.

This set of widgets is based on GTK+ and were first developed for the Maemo platform, used by Nokia Internet Tablets.

Hildon depends on the following libraries:


GTK+ is a library for creating graphical user interfaces.


GConf is a system for storing application preferences. It is intended for user preferences; not configuration of something like Apache, or arbitrary data storage.


libcanberra is an implementation of the XDG Sound Theme and Name Specifications, for generating event sounds on free desktops, such as GNOME.

Table of Contents

Compiling the Hildon libraries — How to compile Hildon itself
Compiling Hildon Applications — How to compile your Hildon application
Running Hildon Applications — How to run and debug your Hildon application
Mailing lists and bug reports — Getting help with Hildon