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I. User-oriented classes, interfaces and functions
Farsight GStreamer Interfaces
FsConference — Interface for farsight conference elements
Farsight Core Library
FsParticipant — A participant in a conference
FsSession — A session in a conference
FsStream — A stream in a session in a conference
FsCandidate — Structure describing a transport candidate.
FsCodec — Structure representing a media codec
Farsight Utility Functions and Objects
FsElementAddedNotifier — Recursive element addition notifier
Network interfaces discovery — Utility functions to discover local network interfaces
II. Classes used to implement Farsight plugins
Farsight Classes Base Implementations
FsBaseConference — Base class for Farsight Conference Gstreamer Elements
Farsight Transmitter Classes
FsTransmitter — A transmitter object linked to a session
FsStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object used to convey per-stream information to a transmitter.
Farsight Plugins Infrastructure
FsPlugin — A class for defining Farsight plugins