OssoABookAvatarChooserDialog — A dialog for selecting avatar images.
OssoABookAvatarEditorDialog — A dialog for modifying avatar images.
OssoABookContactDetailSelector — Dialog for selecting contact details.
OssoABookContactChooser — Dialog for choosing OssoABookContacts.
OssoABookContactEditor — Dialog for editing OssoABookContacts
OssoABookMecardView — Dialog to show user's VCard.
OssoABookSendContactsDialog — Functions to send a vcard via Bluetooth/Email/SMS.
OssoABookSettingsDialog — Dialog to show main view settings.
OssoABookTemporaryContactDialog — Dialog for starting actions from a temporary contact
OssoABookTouchContactStarter — Core widget to initiate communication with a contact or view their basic information.