Contact Handling

OssoABookAggregator — Aggregated view of multiple EBook instances.
OssoABookContact — Rich representation of addressbook contacts.
OssoABookContactDetailStore — Store containing contact's details.
OssoABookContactField — Rich representation of supported contact fields.
OssoABookContactFilter — Contact filtering interface.
OssoABookContactSubscriptions — Subsciption based OssoABookContactFilter.
OssoABookGconfContact — Addressbook contacts which are stored in GConf instead of EDS
Merging Contacts — Functionality for merging contacts.
OssoABookRosterManager — Manage OssoABookRoster instances for each McAccount.
OssoABookRoster — Presence aware addressbook view.
OssoABookSelfContact — Information about the device owner as a OssoABookContact.
OssoABookVoicemailContact — Information about the voicemail box made up as OssoABookContact.