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I. GIO Overview
Compiling GIO applications
Running GIO applications
Extending GIO
II. API Reference
File Operations
GFile — File and Directory Handling
GFileAttribute — Key-Value Paired File Attributes
GFileInfo — File Information and Attributes
GFileEnumerator — Enumerated Files Routines
GMountOperation — Authentication methods for mountable locations
GIOError — Error helper functions
File System Monitoring
GFileMonitor — File Monitor
Asynchronous I/O
GCancellable — Thread-safe Operation Cancellation Stack
GAsyncResult — Asynchronous Function Results
GIOScheduler — I/O Scheduler
GSimpleAsyncResult — Simple asynchronous results implementation
Streaming I/O
GSeekable — Stream seeking interface
GInputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
GOutputStream — Base class for implementing streaming output
GFileInputStream — File input streaming operations
GFileOutputStream — File output streaming operations
GFilterInputStream — Filter Input Stream
GFilterOutputStream — Filter Output Stream
GMemoryInputStream — Streaming input operations on memory chunks
GMemoryOutputStream — Streaming output operations on memory chunks
GBufferedInputStream — Buffered Input Stream
GBufferedOutputStream — Buffered Output Stream
GDataInputStream — Data Input Stream
GDataOutputStream — Data Output Stream
GUnixInputStream — Streaming input operations for UNIX file descriptors
GUnixOutputStream — Streaming output operations for Unix file descriptors
File types and applications
GContentType — Platform-specific content typing
GAppInfo — Application information and launch contexts
Desktop file based GAppInfo — Application information from desktop files
Volumes and Drives
GVolumeMonitor — Volume Monitor
GVolume — Volume management
GMount — Mount management
GDrive — Virtual File System drive management
Unix Mounts — Unix Mounts
GIcon — Interface for icons
GFileIcon — Icons pointing to an image file
GLoadableIcon — Loadable Icons
GThemedIcon — Icon theming support
GEmblemedIcon — Icon with emblems
GEmblem — An object for emblems
GFilenameCompleter — Filename Completer
Extending GIO
GVfs — Virtual File System
GIOModule — Loadable GIO Modules
Extension Points — Extension Points
III. Migrating to GIO
Migrating from POSIX to GIO
Migrating from GnomeVFS to GIO
Trash handling
Operations on multiple files
Mime monitoring
Object Hierarchy
Index of new symbols in 2.18
Index of new symbols in 2.20