FM Transmitter D-Bus api — FMTx interface

Object path: /com/nokia/fmtx/default

Signal interface:



Changed ()
Error ('s'	error message)

Implemented Interfaces implements org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties


version 	('u'	version	readonly)
frequency	('u'	frequency read/write)
freq_max	('u' 	maximum frequency	readonly)
freq_min	('u' 	minimum frequency	readonly)
freq_step	('u' 	frequency step	readonly)
state		('s' 	state	read/write)
startable	('s'	message about can the transmitter be enabled at the monent	readonly)
rds_ps		('s'	rds station name	read/write)
rds_text	('s'	rds text	read/write)


Signal Details

The Changed signal

Changed ()

This signal is emitted when any property of is changed

The Error signal

Error ('s'	message)

Fm transmitter was disabled by one of the following reasons:

Device entered offline mode
Usb device was connected (excluding charger)
Headphones were connected
TV-Out cable was connected


Error message

Property Details

The version property

version (readonly 'u'	version)

Version number of fmtx-middleware


Version number of fmtx-middleware

The frequency property

frequency (read/write 'u'	frequency)

Frequency in kHz. Returns DBUS_GERROR_INVALID_ARGS error, if frequency is not allowed.


frequency in kHz

The freq_max property

freq_max (readonly 'u'	maximum frequency)

Returns maximum allowed frequency in kHz.

maximum frequency:

maximum frequency in kHz

The freq_min property

freq_min (readonly 'u'	minimum frequency)

Returns minimum allowed frequency in kHz.

minimum frequency:

minimum frequency in kHz

The freq_step property

freq_step (readonly 'u'	step frequency)

Returns the minimum step between frequencies is kHz.

step frequency:

Minimum step between frequencies in kHz.

The state property

state (read/write 's'	state)

Sets/returns the state of the transmitter.


Possible states are:
enabled - Transmitter is currently enabled
disabled - Transmitter is currently disabled
error - Internal error while initializing the transmitter, transmitter can't be enabled.
n/a - Transmitter is permanently disabled in this device.
State can be set to enabled or disabled. May return DBUS_GERROR_FAILED 
if transmitter can't be enabled.

The startable property

startable (readonly 's'	message)

Returns message about can the transmitter be enabled at current time.


Possible messages are:
Device is in offline mode
Headphones are connected
Usb device is connected

The rds_ps property

rds_ps (read/write 's'	name)

Get/Set RDS Station name (displayed on rds capable radios). To avoid problems with some radios, use text which length is dividable by 8. Pad with spaces if necessary.


RDS Station name.

The rds_text property

rds_text (read/write 's'	text)

Get/Set RDS text (displayed alternating with station name. Maximum length is 64 characters. Returns DBUS_GERROR_INVALID_ARGS is set text is too long.


RDS message text.