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I. RTP Plugin
Core interface classes
FsRtpConference — Farsight RTP Conference Gstreamer Elements
FsRtpParticipant — A RTP participant in a FsRtpConference
FsRtpSession — A RTP session in a FsRtpConference
FsRtpStream — A RTP stream in a FsRtpSession in a FsRtpConference
FsRawUdpStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object for UDP with STUN
FsMulticastStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object for Multicast UDP
FsNiceStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object for ICE using libnice
II. Utility elements
FsFunnel — N-to-1 simple funnel
GstVideoanyrate — Removes the framerate from video caps