Object Hierarchy
Widgets gallery
Toplevel Widgets
HildonWindow — Widget representing a top-level window in the Hildon framework.
HildonProgram — An object that represents an application running in the Hildon framework.
HildonColorButton — A widget to open HildonColorChooserDialog.
HildonColorChooserDialog — A dialog used to select a color from HSV colorspace.
HildonColorChooser — A widget used to select a color from an HSV colorspace.
HildonControlbar — A widget that allows increasing or decreasing a value within a pre-defined range.
HildonVolumebar — Base class for widgets that display a volume bar.
HildonVVolumebar — A widget that displays a vertical volume bar.
HildonHVolumebar — A widget that displays a horizontal volume bar.
HildonSeekbar — A widget used to identify a place from a content.
HildonCalendarPopup — CalendarPopup allows choosing a date from a popup calendar.
HildonWeekdayPicker — A widget for picking days on which a certain event should take place.
HildonTimePicker — A dialog popup widget which lets the user set the time.
HildonNumberEditor — A widget used to enter a number within a pre-defined range.
HildonRangeEditor — A widget is used to ask bounds of a range.
HildonTimeEditor — A widget used to enter time or duration in hours, minutes, and optional seconds.
HildonDateEditor — A widget which queries a date from user or opens a HildonCalendarPopup.
Miscellaneous controls
HildonFindToolbar — A toolbar with a search field.
HildonCaption — A single-child container widget that precedes the contained widget with a field label and an optional icon.
HildonBanner — A widget used to display timed notifications.
HildonNote — A widget to ask confirmation from the user.
HildonSetPasswordDialog — A dialog used to set, change or remove a password.
HildonGetPasswordDialog — A widget used to get a password.
HildonLoginDialog — A widget which allows a user to enter an username and a password.
HildonSortDialog — A widget for defining the sorting order of items.
HildonFontSelectionDialog — A widget used to allow users to select a font with certain properties.
HildonCodeDialog — A keypad-like widget used to enter pincodes.
HildonWizardDialog — A widget to create a guided installation process wizard.
hildon-sound — An esd-based utility function for playing a sound.
hildon-defines — A collection of usefull defines.