Alarmd Objects
AlarmdObject — Base class for all alarmd objects.
AlarmdQueue — Object type to handle the event queue.
AlarmdEvent — Base class for events.
AlarmdEventRecurring — An event that recurrs many time.
AlarmdAction — Base class for any actions done on events.
AlarmdActionDialog — Base class for actions that show a dialog on events.
AlarmdActionDbus — An action type that sends a DBus message when launched.
AlarmdActionExec — An action that runs a command.
Alarmd helpers
rpc-statusbar — Communication with the statusbar applet.
rpc-ic — Helper functions to communicate with ic.
rpc-systemui — Helpers for communicating with systemui alarm plugin.
rpc-dbus — Helpers for sending dbus messages and for wathching for services.
rpc-osso — Handles all libosso related things.
rpc-mce — Helpers for communicating with the Mode Control Entity.
dbusobjectfactory — Utilities for creating objects out of dbus messages.
xmlobjectfactory — Utilities for creating objects out of xml tree.
initialize — Miscellaneous initialization functions.
debug — Debugging macros & functions.
Alarmd Timer interface
timer-interface — The API for timer plugins.
timer-loader — Timer plugin loader subsystem
alarm_event — The C client API
alarm_dbus — The DBus API.