Table of Contents

List widgets
OssoABookAccountModel - A GtkTreeModel listing GalagoAccount objects.
OssoABookAccountView - View of an OssoABookAccountModel
OssoABookAccountSelector - Account selection widget.
OssoABookContactModel - A GtkTreeModel listing EContact objects.
OssoABookContactView - View of contacts.
OssoABookContactSelector - Select contacts from a list
OssoABookGroupModel - GtkTreeModel listing OssoABookGroup objects.
OssoABookGroupView - Group view.
OssoABookGroupSelector - Group selection widget
OssoABookFilterModel - Filter certain contacts from a OssoABookTreeModel.
OssoABookTreeModel - A base class for representing contacts as a list
OssoABookTreeView - Base class for displaying contacts in a list.
OssoABookAddToContactsDialog - Add accounts to a contact.
OssoABookBlockManager - Manage blocked contacts
OssoABookContactEditor - Dialog exposing the fields of an EContact for editing.
OssoABookContactGroupEditor - Edit what groups a contact is in
OssoABookContactStarter - Dialog to initiate communication with a contact
osso-abook-dialogs - Collection of dialog helper routines.
OssoABookRequestAuthDialog - Request authentication dialog
OssoABookSelectDialog - Select a contact dialog.
OssoABookGroup - Representation of a group.
OssoABookAllGroup - All contacts group.
OssoABookBlockedGroup - Smart group for blocked contacts
OssoABookManualGroup - Manually created group.
OssoABookManualGroupManager - Manual group manager.
OssoABookOnlineGroup - Online contacts group.
OssoABookRecentGroup - Recently used contacts group.
OssoABookServiceGroup - A smart group containing contacts related to a specific service
OssoABookPresence - Base class for presence objects.
OssoABookPresenceIcon - Icon representing the presence state.
OssoABookAccountPresence - Track account presence.
OssoABookContactPresence - EContact presence tracker.
OssoABookAlphaBar - A toolbar containing alphabetical shortcuts.
OssoABookAccount - Account
EContact utilities - A Contact representation
Library initialisation - Functions for library initialisation
EContact merging - Merge contacts.